La Chartreuse lives and tells each other for a long time


In 1964, the Vallon des Eparres located in the massif of Grand Som in the heart of the Chartreuse is completely unknown from a caving point of view and presents an enigma: in the bed of the Guier Vif , the exsurgence of Noirfond seems to drain this valley completely devoid of water circulation in the open air ...
- What's the path of the underground river?

En amont du film en cours, dont la sortie est agendée à l’automne 2019,

le teaser officiel :

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et les 4 clips Eléana entre 20 secondes et 1 minute :

Air of Time


Heart of Bears


Dead and Alive!


After 50 years of exploration, the SCV (Speleo-Club de Villeurbanne), the local actors (PNR, municipalities, museums ...), retrace the main stages of this quest and the impacts of the historical discoveries made; a fabulous adventure both human, technical and scientific...



Photos, motions, sounds resources not free.
Thanks to production team of -Vallon des Eparres- : J. Lachise, J.C. Garnier, A. Gresse, M. Philippe, F. Benard, O. et J.Ph Dégletagne… and all present cavers!

La Chartreuse raconte
bien d’autres histoires,
dont certaines
post fers plus “colorées”

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